Supporting our youth

One slice at a time

The museum board wanted to open up a pizza business that was non profit(503c) and wanted to get a business/culinary class to be involved in the business plan and recipes.  At least 4 Senior students receive scholarships around $500each.

What our guests say

julie mercer

"Amazingly super delicious food. Friendly staff and great service. Love the historic photos and the old high school scoreboard on display."

david gillespie

"Great business plan. Tied into the school. Good food, good service, very clean,.and located on the square in a small town."

darlene benhke

"Love the crew and the food! Place is very clean. Also your purchase helps the school district and supports a scholarship fund."

austin friel

"I've been going here for close to a year now. I've never had a problem with their service and the food is very delicious. Their newest addition is an "Ultimate Grilled Cheese," and let me tell you, this sandwich was blessed by the gods themselves. It was a melting, garlic brushed, toasted piece of art. Please go here, even just to try a slice of heaven."